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Marriage is . . .

By Pastor Sean Ward The Apostolic Way United Pentecostal Church

Marriage is planned

In the beginning of man’s history, God created a man called Adam.

Shortly after, God saw that is was not good for man to be alone so He created Eve out of the rib of Adam.

Adam call this new creation woman as she was taken out of man.

Here the author states that “therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh.” (Gen. 2:23-24).

As God set two different sexes, in the origin of the human species, we can see that marriage was His plan.

It was the idea of God to set up a unit of two individuals of different sexes to produce what has commonly been called a marriage.

Marriage is purposeful

As two different sexes are needed for sexual reproduction, marriage is purposeful in that it sets up a union which provides a biological base needed for the continuum of the species.

A basic drive evident in every species on the Earth is the innate desire to reproduce.

Without this desire, a species would shortly cease to exist.

Marriage is personal

The beginning of a distinct joining of two in marriage is defined in Genesis as the leaving of the present family and the cleaving of two together in such a way that they are described as one flesh.

This is a commitment of priority where two become a single unit cleaving together emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Marriage is public

The joining of two in marriage is a union that exists as an integral part of the community.

The marriage is known in the business community for the purpose of joining finances, in the educational system for the purpose of raising children, and in many other parts of the community.

The marriage also has a responsibility to the larger community by way of example for the continual passing down of the working social network to the new generation.

Marriage is permanent

The joining of a husband and wife is a lifelong commitment. There is a bonding that occurs that can never be broken in a spiritual and a physical sense.

This lifelong agreement is for the establishing of a stable family environment that will, in turn, provide a platform for the growth and maturity of the children.

Marriage is perfect

The world is, at first glance, a wandering mass of humanity. Yet within this mass is a coherent network of groups that divide the masses into manageable “bite-size” pieces.

At the root of this network is a unit know as the family. If you reduce the family to its smallest root, you have the marriage.

This small group of two people provides the basics for peaceful society at large. If this root system is disrupted, it is possible to disrupt the society at large.

The double role of nurture and admonition that is fulfilled in the mother and father duties within the framework of the family provides the foundation and balance for the children to grow into responsible individuals who will, in turn, serve their respective communities.

If in reading this column you find that you have been the victim of a broken family unit, or the victim of a divorce, we want to include that Jesus still is able to heal the broken and place the solitary in families.

The power and truth of the family is so strong that the analogy carries over to the relationship between Christ and the church. Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is the bride.

Whatever the situation, Jesus still is reaching with mercy today to restore and redeem. He wants you as His bride today!

Marriage is His plan for you for eternity with Him!

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