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MADD Presentation

Students across the district will hear some very important messages as two Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) presentations will be visiting local schools next week.

Those in Grades 1-6 will view “The MADD Scientist and the Quest for Power” while Grades 7-12 will be presented with “Friday Night.”

Hugh Dennis, co-ordinator of the Rainy River District Substance Abuse Prevention Team, is thrilled to be able to bring these assemblies to the area and feels they will help get the message out there—especially to the older students.

“‘Friday Night’ is patterned after a teen party where there is alcohol,” he explained. “And it’s not just about the no drinking and driving message, it’s about the excessive consumption message and the dangers of it.”

This presentation speaks to the young people in their own language and is played across three huge screens to high energy music.

“It show different events at the party, depicting kids who are very intoxicated to the point of poisoning,” Dennis noted, adding it also talks about drinking and driving.

It addresses the “It’ll never happen to me” syndrome, and shows real-life victims who were in situations and made bad choices.

“The message that’s going to be presented is realistic,” Dennis stressed. “It’s not just focused on impaired driving and drinking and driving, but focuses on the whole issue, including alcohol abuse and the perils of that.”

Meanwhile, the younger students will see a more lighter presentation, but also with a strong message.

Like “Friday Night,” “The MADD Scientist and the Quest for Power”

Please see “MADD,” P4

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