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Healthy workplace in spotlight

The new buzz word when we talk about work and health is “organizational culture.”

Organizational culture is a lengthy term for some common sense ideas: having enough control over your work, getting enough support from co-workers and supervisors, and achieving a balance between your work life and home life, to name a few.

“Workplaces that pay attention to employee needs are on the path to workplace health,” noted Shannon Robinson, health promotion co-ordinator at the Northwestern Health Unit.

“A healthy organizational culture, along with help making the healthy choice the easy choice and occupational safety, can lead to increased productivity, more engaged employees, and help an organization retain and recruit employees,” she added.

“The ‘HealthWorks’ program helped us assess our own organization’s culture and provided excellent information for our Wellness Team to build on strengths that already exist in our workplace,” said Jennifer Maki, chair of the health unit’s own Workplace Wellness Team.

The “HealthWorks” program is a free service offered by the Northwestern Health Unit.

To find out more, visit or contact your local health educator.

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