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Electric car charging stations expanded

TORONTO—Ontario is building nearly 500 charging stations across the province in hopes they will encourage more residents to use electric vehicles.

The provincial government said the network of public stations will help address “range anxiety” among electric car drivers who may be concerned about the distance their vehicles can travel compared to traditional ones.

Passwords often a ‘weak point’ for consumers in cyber security

TORONTO — This month, the University of Calgary paid $20,000 to regain access to its email system after a so-called ransomware cyber-attack.

A year ago, Ashley Madison, a website that facilitates extra-marital affairs, lost customers’ personal information to hackers, who have also recently accessed personal information held by online retailer eBay, Sony and LinkedIn, among others.

Can Google Glass help autistic children read faces?

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Like many autistic children, Julian Brown has trouble reading emotions in people’s faces, one of the biggest challenges for people with the neurological disorder.

Now the 10-year-old San Jose boy is getting help from “autism glass” an experimental device that records and analyzes faces in real time and alerts him to the emotions they’re expressing.

MintChip launches digital cash app as it prepares for shift to cashless society

TORONTO — MintChip, the digital cash platform started by the Royal Canadian Mint and acquired earlier this year by Toronto financial technology startup nanoPay, will be available to consumers starting today.

All Canadians are now able to download and use the MintChip app to send and receive digital cash between family and friends for free.

China tops global supercomputer speed list for 7th year

BEIJING — A Chinese supercomputer has topped a list of the world’s fastest computers for the seventh straight year ‚Äî and for the first time the winner uses only Chinese-designed processors instead of U.S. technology.

The announcement Monday is a new milestone for Chinese supercomputer development and a further erosion of past U.S. dominance of the field.