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Gov’t proposal envisions phone calls on airline flights

WASHINGTON — Airlines could let passengers make in-flight phone calls using Wi-Fi under a proposal from federal regulators.

Flight attendants and others have complained that the calls could be disruptive. But the Department of Transportation said Thursday that it envisioned allowing the calls if airlines tell all customers about the policy when they buy their tickets.

Car company offering red light-reading vehicles in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Maybe getting stuck at a traffic signal might not be so bad, if you know how long the wait will be.

That’s what vehicle manufacturer Audi is hoping, with the debut this week in Las Vegas of a first-in-the-nation commercial system that lets moving vehicles “read” traffic signals ahead and tell the driver how long it’ll take for a red light to turn green.

Shomi to shut down Nov. 30

TORONTO—Shomi announced yesterday it was shutting down at the end of November, two years after the video-on-demand service launched amid hopes of thriving in a hyper-competitive market.

“The business climate and online video marketplace have changed markedly in the last few years,” David Asch, senior vice-president and general manager for Shomi, said in a brief statement.