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Nadal captures 11th French Open

PARIS—In full control of the French Open final, a rather familiar position for him, Rafael Nadal suddenly was worried.

He led by two sets plus a break early in the third when the middle finger on his racket-wielding left hand was cramping so badly he couldn't straighten it.

After serving a fault, Nadal took the unusual step of heading to the sideline in the middle of a game.

Pit strategy sparks Bowyer to rain-shortened win

BROOKLYN, Mich.—After 120 laps and two stages, the race now could be official.

Any driver in the lead conceivably might win if rain intervened.

Clint Bowyer had finished second to teammate Kevin Harvick in the second stage, and both came to pit road.

Bowyer took only two tires—and felt that decision by crew chief Mike Bugarewicz ultimately won him the race.