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Undersea surprise: Big-eyed squid looks more toy than animal

LOS ANGELES — A team of scientists and technicians scanning the rocky ocean floor off Southern California couldn’t contain their excitement when they spotted a bright-purple, googly-eyed stubby squid.

They let out a collective “whoa” on video posted on Facebook as a camera on a remote-operated vehicle came across the cephalopod closely related to a cuttlefish.

Rare Tyrannosaurus rex skull arrives at Seattle museum

SEATTLE — Paleontologists with Seattle’s Burke Museum have unearthed the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex that lived more than 66 million years ago, including a rare nearly complete 4-foot long skull.

The remarkable discovery includes the dinosaur’s vertebrae, ribs, hips and lower jaw bones, and represents about 20 per cent of the meat-eating predator.

Old steel mill will soon be world’s largest vertical farm

NEWARK, N.J. — Stacks of leafy greens are sprouting inside an old brewery in New Jersey.

“What we do is we trick it,” said David Rosenberg, co-founder and chief executive officer of AeroFarms. “We get it thinking that, if plants could think: ‘All right, this is a good environment, it’s time to grow now.’”