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Scientists: Ash tree species pushed to brink of extinction

NEW YORK — Five prominent species of ash tree in the eastern U.S. have been driven to the brink of extinction from years of lethal attack by a beetle, a scientific group says.

Tens of millions of trees in the U.S. and Canada have already succumbed, and the toll may eventually reach more than 8 billion, the International Union for Conservation of Nature said Thursday.

Grand Teton National Park tries to understand crafty foxes

JACKSON, Wyo. — John Stephenson stood atop a boulder in a steep talus field high above Jenny Lake, turning a VHF tracking antenna from side to side.

To a layman the fuzzy beeps that bounced back sounded like a whole lot of nothing. To the Grand Teton National Park wildlife biologist, they told the tale of a red fox out of sight and on the move.

Lakers' forward back

One Fort Frances Lakers' forward is returning to the squad while another has moved on.

The Lakers announced Tuesday that Julian Uhryniuk will be back for his third season with the SIJHL squad.

The 20-year-old from East St. Paul, Man. battled injuries much of last season, which limited him to just 39 regular-season games and then sidelined him for the entire playoffs.