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Recipes for coleslaw, braised and roasted cabbage, Asian-style buns, borscht

Coleslaw is one of those versatile recipes that you can enhance with almost any ingredients with crunch or colour.

“Poppy seeds are nice. Sesame seeds work well,” says Brian Faulkner of BCfresh and an avowed cabbage lover.

“Apple is great. You can use sesame oil or rice vinegar, any of the lighter vinegars.”

Can’t decide between spoonbread and corn pudding? Do both!

During fall and particularly at Thanksgiving — we often find ourselves searching for just the perfect side dish. We want recipes that will be at home next to a roasted chicken or turkey, or maybe a beef roast or ham. We want recipes that are crowd-pleasers, recipes that shimmer with the glow of comfort food. We want side dishes that people inch toward while contemplating second helpings.