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Dip recipes run gamut from hummus, cheese, mushroom to accompaniment with fruit

Holiday entertaining isn’t complete without an interesting dip or two. Here’s a selection of savoury and sweet ones to try.


This versatile and nutritious hummus is perfect with vegetables or crackers but also works well as a spread on wraps.

For a chunkier version, use a mortar and pestle to make the hummus.

Recipes for potatoes au gratin, linzer torte from Ruth Reichl’s ‘My Kitchen Year’

To Ruth Reichl, recipes are a conversation and should serve as a stepping stone for readers to adapt them to their own taste.

In keeping with that, she uses a relaxed tone in her new cookbook “My Kitchen Year,” directing home cooks to add a glug of olive oil, season with a shower of pepper or toss in a hefty dollop of bourbon.