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Recipe for fruit ceviche made with haskap berry juice

Here are five things to know about the haskap berry:WHERE ARE THEY FROM: Dark blue haskap berries are native to Russia and northern Japan and are found in the wild in Canada. Because they grow on the edge of swamps during mosquito season, they are not well known in this country, says Bob Bors, head of the fruit program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Yukon Gold potato recipes: scalloped, grilled, pureed, in pancakes and cake

The Yukon Gold potato’s waxy, moist, yellow-tinged flesh is prized by chefs and home cooks for its flavour and versatility ‚Äî ideal for boiling, baking and frying as well as grilling, pan frying and roasting. It retains its yellow colour when cooked.

Here are some recipes to try using the potato, which was developed 50 years ago in Guelph, Ont:GRILLED POTATO AND ASPARAGUS SALAD