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The simple chicken sandwich gets a picnic-worthy makeover

Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A famously claims that they didn’t invent the chicken, just the fried chicken sandwich. There is no denying that the fried chicken sandwich is a classic and crave-able combination. Before I started making my own version of the sandwich it was always the first thing I would eat when I visited my hometown.

Creamy Buffalo Potato Salad a good dish for Canada Day

Chicken wings are wonderful, but Buffalo Chicken Wings are on another level and that’s thanks to the sauce. Defined by blue cheese, celery and hot sauce, Buffalo sauce could glorify any number of dishes. (Imagine how luscious it would be on a steak!) Looking ahead to the Fourth of July and its picnics, I wondered what would happen if I Buffalo’d some potato salad.

Grilling recipes for pineapple stand chicken, panzanella salad, chocolate dessert

Most people think of using their barbecue for meat and fish, but not Danielle Bennett. She loves to grill everything from appetizers, salads and meatless main courses to desserts.

She recommends purchasing a vegetable grilling basket. “A tiny bit of charring can elevate vegetables to another level.”