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Cheesy Pork Steaks are quick to make - and delicious to eat

The appeal of a dish consisting of just five ingredients is pretty obvious ‚Äî it’s easy to make and it takes almost no time to land on the table. Even so, it helps to start with a quick-cooking and naturally tender protein such as the pork tenderloin at the centre of this recipe for Cheesy Pork Steaks.

A meaty bistro classic tart that is as refined as it is rich

This bistro classic is as refined as it is rich. We kept the filling onion-forward by cooking the strands in rendered bacon fat and stirring them into a light custard. Use yellow or white onions here; sweet onions will make the tart too sweet. Use a 9-inch tinned-steel tart pan.


Servings: 6-8

Start to finish: 2 hours, 15 minutes

How to make a creamy cauliflower soup but without any cream

For a creamy cauliflower soup without cream, we relied on cauliflower’s low insoluble fiber content to produce a velvety smooth puree.

To ensure that cauliflower flavour remained at the forefront, we cooked the cauliflower in seasoned water (instead of broth), skipped the spice rack entirely, and bolstered the soup with sauteed onion and leek.

Here’s a nubby whole-wheat quick bread with scotch butter

I have been searching for this recipe for years. Early in my career, I worked with a girl who was originally from Ireland. Most weeks, she would make wheaten bread and bring it to the office with a stick of soft butter. I fell in love with it. It was so satisfying, a nubby whole-wheat quick bread made in a loaf pan, sliced thick and slathered with smooth butter.

Pasta loaded with tender bites of sausage, kale and beans

We had our hearts set on a one-pot pasta loaded with tender bites of browned sausage, hearty kale, and creamy cannellini beans.

To streamline the recipe, rather than boil the pasta separately or remove the sausage from the pot once it had browned, we built flavour in layers, allowing the addition of each component to form a creamy sauce that tied the dish together.

Our sweet, butterscotch-like sauce makes these cakes tasty

What the Brits call a “pudding” is not pudding by American standards. Rather, it’s a rich, spongy date cake that’s steamed to give it a dense, moist texture. What makes these individual-size cakes special is the sauce that they get smothered in after steaming: an unapologetically sweet, butterscotch-like sauce made from butter, cream and sugar.