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Real Fruit Roll-ups

Chef Michael Smith says people have forgotten that many foods purchased for their convenience used to be made at home.

In his new cookbook, “Real Food, Real Good,” he offers recipes for such items as mustard, ketchup, broth, granola, salad dressings, barbecue sauce, gravy, marshmallows and chicken wings that can be made at home to control what goes into your food.

Green Genie sandwich spread transforms ham and cheese

My sister sent me a text about a green spread that said, “you have to make it on sandwiches, crackers, eggs, etc.”

And she was right ‚Äî this green spread is a sandwich genie. It is also a great way to get a few more vegetables in your diet. Better yet, it’s made with ingredients that you almost always have in the pantry.

A cod recipe with some tricks becomes a richer, meatier dish

I think we all know that eating fish several times a week is a good call, both for our hearts and our brains. In the summertime, it’s easy. I love tossing a piece of fish seasoned with just a little salt and pepper on the grill, giving it a bit of char and squeezing it with bright lemon and serving it next to a lightly-dressed coleslaw or a chopped grilled veggie salad.

Braised Cauliflower

Any time capers mingle with anchovies and garlic, I’m happy. You might think these are very strong flavours, but when they are used sparingly they add a lovely layer of salty/savory flavour to whatever dish they grace.

When I serve this to my family, do I mention that there are anchovies in it? Nope, I don’t. Do they think it’s delicious? Yup, they do.

Recipes for apple pie and pumpkin pie, plus pastry

Any way you slice it, apple or pumpkin pie are bound to be on the dessert table at many Thanksgiving feasts. Here are recipes for both, plus pastry, to dazzle your guests.


This apple pie will be sure to win you the “blue ribbon” first prize at the next baking contest, says pastry chef Anna Olson.

Prep time: 40 minutes

This edamame dish can be used as a side dish or as the star

I’m a fan of stocking my kitchen with healthy, nutrient-dense ingredients that can be used on the fly on those busy days when 5 p.m. sneaks up without notice. Even if I pay a little more at the store for “healthy convenience food,” I’m still coming out ahead, financially and health-wise, if it keeps me from ordering takeout.