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Latest rage in avocado toast trend adds sweet potato slices

Sweet potato slices are the latest rage in the avocado toast trend. If you are at all involved with Pinterest, you know this already. Pop slices of unpeeled sweet potato in a regular old toaster and then top it with healthy goodies like the very popular avocado for a breakfast or snack filled with slower carbs and healthy fats.

Hanukkah Brisket

Whether or not you celebrate the Jewish holidays, a good brisket recipe is a nice thing to have in your winter repertoire. Brisket is a tough and fairly inexpensive cut of meat that gets amazingly tender after some quality time in the oven, and it requires little attention or care while it cooks. That’s a nice characteristic in a piece of beef.

Slow cooker recipes for plum pudding, chana masala, frittata, stuffed peppers

There’s a huge variety of slow cookers on the market, so it’s important to research features before buying one.

Many of the new models allow the user to set the length of cooking time required for the recipe, then the appliance goes to a warm setting. Older models usually had only a simple on/off switch and the choice of low or high heat.

Try a caramelized onion tart that can ease holiday strain

We know that it isn’t always enough for a holiday recipe to be delicious. When you are knee-deep in holiday cooking and baking, it can feel like you never turn your oven off. So the most helpful recipes are the ones we can prepare ahead of time, and our cheese and onion tart recipe fits the bill.