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Pair a roasted salmon with a spiced-up honey-lime glaze

Pairing perfectly roasted salmon with a spiced-up honey-lime glaze required a cooking technique all its own. Slashing the skin encouraged it to render and crisp quickly, but we also needed to give the flesh a strong, flavourful crust that would stand up to (as well as hold on to) a thick coating of glaze.

Cheesy Pork Steaks are quick to make - and delicious to eat

The appeal of a dish consisting of just five ingredients is pretty obvious ‚Äî it’s easy to make and it takes almost no time to land on the table. Even so, it helps to start with a quick-cooking and naturally tender protein such as the pork tenderloin at the centre of this recipe for Cheesy Pork Steaks.

A meaty bistro classic tart that is as refined as it is rich

This bistro classic is as refined as it is rich. We kept the filling onion-forward by cooking the strands in rendered bacon fat and stirring them into a light custard. Use yellow or white onions here; sweet onions will make the tart too sweet. Use a 9-inch tinned-steel tart pan.


Servings: 6-8

Start to finish: 2 hours, 15 minutes