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Strawberries Baked Alaska is relatively simple to prepare

This recipe celebrates one of the first and sweetest harbingers of spring: local strawberries. Sure, the supermarket offers strawberries all year ‘round, but the gems that are grown locally and show up in season boast way more flavour than their cousins from the other side of the world. What you’re looking for is a bright red colour from stem to tip.

Making your own breakfast sausage patties is quick and smart

Lazy weekend morning meals around the table, the entire family unhurried have yielded some of my favourite moments of connection and family identity. Even quick weekday breakfasts hold the promise of a new day, and fill my soul a tiny bit. Adding the unmistakable aroma of an herby breakfast sausage is the icing on the cake of breakfasts and brunches.

How to be mere minutes away from a tasty crusted salmon

It seems like mere moments after I get the last dish dried and put away, it’s time to make dinner again. Is it me or are the days actually getting shorter, whizzing by in a blur and then coming to a screeching halt at 6 p.m. when every person in my household starts wandering into the kitchen, casually asking what’s for dinner, usually while opening up a cupboard to peruse available snacks?