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Make some plain biscuits and then feel free to dress them up

These plain biscuits can be dressed up with any flavourful, relatively dry ingredient, such as herbs, scallions, cheese, dried fruit, or spices. For variations on the recipe, see below. Follow this recipe with your kids.


Servings: 10-12

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes, plus cooling time

Try this dimpled, chewy, herb-topped deep-dish focaccia

Centuries ago, focaccia began as a by-product: When bakers needed to gauge the heat of the wood-fired oven—focaccia stems from focolare and means “fireplace”—they would tear off a swatch of dough, flatten it, drizzle it with olive oil, and pop it into the hearth to bake as an edible oven thermometer.

For more streamlined chicken enchiladas, use a slow cooker

Chicken enchiladas offer a rich and complex combination of flavours and textures, but traditional cooking methods can be tedious.

We wanted a more streamlined recipe for chicken enchiladas—one that utilized our slow cooker to make the filling and that enabled the enchiladas to be quickly assembled and finished in the oven.

Great tasting oatmeal doesn’t need to comes in a packet

If you think oatmeal comes in a packet, think again.

They know about oatmeal in Ireland and Scotland, where whole-grain, steel-cut oats are popular. Yes, these slightly chewy oats take longer to cook than old-fashioned rolled oats (and way longer than instant oats in a packet), but the results are so much better.

Skip the boxed mac and cheese and make your own at home

Macaroni and cheese has always been on my “must-explore” list. It’s just eaten too often in this country for us to ignore it. Kids in particular say yes to macaroni and cheese when they turn up their noses at everything else. Unfortunately, it’s the boxed version, complete with orange cheese powder, that’s made most often.