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Make taco night into an easy one-dish meal with a beef bake

Our spicy beef taco bake packs all the great texture and flavour of taco night into an easy one-dish meal that could easily be prepped ahead of time.

We used 93 per cent lean ground beef instead of the usual 90 per cent because we found that excess grease pooled on the bottom of the dish if stored overnight.

Chuck roast sings after a slow grill and some smoke flavour

For our Shredded Barbecued Beef, we cut a chuck roast into quarters. The smaller pieces of beef absorbed more smoke flavour and cooked much faster.

After cooking the meat in a disposable roasting pan on the cooler side of the grill for a few hours, we flipped all four pieces, wrapped the pan in foil, and placed the roast in the oven to finish cooking.

Use fresh local tomatoes for Crispy Tomato Salad

Even though fresh local tomatoes start popping up at the market in July, they don’t really hit their peak until August ‚Äî and that’s when I get happy. The tomato is absolutely my favourite vegetable (even if it’s technically a berry). This crispy tomato salad combines cooked tomatoes and raw tomatoes, the large guys and the small guys. You can call it a medley but I think of it as a party.