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Picnic Size Southwestern Zucchini Quiches are a snap to make

You’d think quiche would be a summer picnic staple. In practice, the beloved cheese pies are too darn messy. Cutting one into slices while you’re sitting in the wild or at the beach can be tricky. And if you figure, “Aha! I’ll slice it up ahead of time,” you discover there’s no easy way to transport the individual wedges.

Why make just a desert? Here are tips for a dessert buffet

Fruit pies, ice cream, and fresh berry salads are summer staples, and you’ll never catch us turning any of those down. But even in the summer, the occasion may arise where you want to crank it up a notch. Whether it’s a bridal shower, anniversary party, or late-night after-party, a dessert buffet can be a fun, easy way to mark a special occasion.

Who says pasta must be unhealthy? It doesn’t with these tips

Ask my husband what his favourite comfort food is and the answer will be quick: pasta. Who doesn’t love a steamy bowl of noodles or macaroni slathered in butter and cheese? It’s a classic, born straight out of childhood mac and cheese days, morphed into a late night college study-session standby.

Mushroom & cheese burritos are perfect for Meatless Mondays

Mushroom and Cheese Burritos are a delicious vegetarian dish hearty enough to satisfy even the most die-hard carnivore in your family: a burrito stuffed with portobello mushrooms, chiles and cheese. It’s perfect for Meatless Mondays and ‚Äî bonus! ‚Äî all the ingredients are cooked together in a single rimmed sheet pan, which means cleanup is a snap.

For brunch, what could be easier than a versatile frittata?

We’ve romanticized brunch to the point that in certain cities, we will wait in a two-hour line to eat waffles with a side of French fries. But if you’ve served brunch at home, you know that a two-hour line can be a picnic compared to the stress of getting a full meal on a decorated table before noon.