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Elderly prostitutes reveal dark side of South Korea’s rapid ascent, many cut off from children

SEOUL, Korea, Republic Of As about a dozen elderly men loiter in a small plaza near a cinema, mostly chatting or watching people pass by, several deeply wrinkled women stroll among them, trolling for customers willing to pay for sex in nearby motels.

Little girl shares immigration message with pope during parade, receives kiss and blessing

WASHINGTON A 5-year-old girl in a brilliantly colored dress and braids who was handed up to Pope Francis for a blessing during a parade in Washington on Wednesday morning urged the pontiff to give his blessing to immigration reform and push lawmakers to act.

Buffy Sainte-Marie wins this year’s $50,000 Polaris Music Prize

TORONTO Buffy Sainte-Marie has won this year’s $50,000 Polaris Music Prize.

A jury of 11 music critics, bloggers and broadcasters named the album “Power in the Blood” the best Canadian record of the last year.

The folk icon beat out nine other finalists for the award including rap superstar Drake, former Polaris winner Caribou and Toronto rockers Alvvays.

Research involving honeybee stings in 25 places, emperor who fathered 888 kids wins Ig Nobels

BOSTON A Cornell University graduate student who allowed honeybees to sting him in 25 places and a group of scientists who concluded it’s possible for one man to father 888 children are among the winners of this year’s Ig Nobels, which honour humorous scientific achievement.

Russian who ‘saved the world’ from nuclear war remembers his fateful 1983 decision as 50/50

FRYAZINO, Russia The elderly former Soviet military officer who answers the door is known in the West as “The man who saved the world.”

A movie with that title, which hits theatres in the United States on Friday, tells the harrowing story of Sept. 26, 1983, when Stanislav Petrov made a decision credited by many with averting a nuclear war.