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Clinton plots a ‘do no harm’ campaign amid Trump whirlwind

SAN FRANCISCO — How do you run for president during a political cyclone with no precedents and no predictable path?

Hillary Clinton has her answer: Slow and steady.

As Donald Trump jags across the country, battling an onslaught of sexual misconduct allegations, his party’s opposition and the media, Clinton has stepped cautiously on the campaign trail.

Thai monarchy’s billions come from real estate, companies

BANGKOK — Thailand’s king, who died Thursday, was reputed to be the world’s richest royal and one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

It was a status that clashed with the carefully managed image of a monarch intensely concerned for his people’s welfare and one that Thai authorities were always anxious to correct.

Saudi sculptures, Cuban cigars among foreign gifts to Obama

WASHINGTON — Seven boxes of Cuban cigars and matching Dutch bicycles may have been the most appreciated gifts that President Barack Obama and his wife received from foreign leaders last year, but a gem-encrusted horse sculpture from Saudi Arabia’s king and a pair of intricate mechanical birds from the emir of Qatar topped the extravagance chart.