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Trump overshadows young migrants’ emotional trip to Mexico

MOLCAXAC, Mexico — Tamara Alcala Dominguez sobbed, barely able to speak, as she buried her face in the sweater of the woman who cared for her when she was a toddler.

“My little girl, I hugged you so much,” Petra Bello Suarez told her now 23-year-old granddaughter, tears dampening her own creased cheeks. “I have you in my arms, my girl. ... You found me still alive.”

Amid packing boxes and tears, staffers leaving White House

WASHINGTON — They line up near the Oval Office, down the hallway toward the Cabinet Room, trailed by their spouses and young kids in their finest clothes. When it’s their turn, the White House staffers enter for a few private moments with President Barack Obama, a photo and a farewell hug from the boss.

Obama racial legacy: Pride, promise, regret - and deep rift

CHICAGO — He entered the White House a living symbol, breaking a colour line that stood for 220 years.

Barack Obama took office, and race immediately became a focal point in a way that was unprecedented in American history. No matter his accomplishments, he seemed destined to be remembered foremost as the first black man to lead the world’s most powerful nation.

Twins born in different years, delivered 18 minutes apart

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. — Twins delivered at a Florida hospital over the New Year’s weekend have different birth years, with one born in 2016 and the other in 2017.

News outlets report that Geraldine Alexander of Spring Hill gave birth to her daughter, Yuliana, at 11:43 p.m. Saturday at Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville. Her son, Zayne, arrived one minute after midnight.