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Vodka recall

TORONTO—Some bottles of vodka are being recalled in Ontario because the alcohol content is about double what it should be.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario says labels on one batch of Georgian Bay Vodka shows 40 percent alcohol by volume, but the alcohol content actually is 81 percent.

Catholic teachers agree to contract extension

TORONTO—Ontario's English Catholic teachers have ratified an agreement to extend their contracts past the next provincial election.

Members of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association voted 87 percent in favour of the two-year extension, which gives them four percent in raises and gives the Liberal government labour peace ahead of the June, 2018 vote.

Sisters found alive 30 years later

LETHBRIDGE, Alta.—It had been about three decades since relatives had last seen two sisters in Alberta.

But the family recently received some unexpected news. Anna and Kym Hakze are alive and living in the United States.

“After so many years, it's very unusual for a case like this to end with good news,” S/Sgt. Scott Woods of the Lethbridge Police Service said yesterday.