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Feds try to close gaps on infrastructure data

OTTAWA—A major effort is underway to collect the most detailed data yet on the state of the country's roads, bridges, water pipes, and transit systems.

Statistics Canada quietly launched a national survey late last month to get an unprecedented level of granular detail on the state of infrastructure at the provincial and municipal level.

Canadian passports to allow 'x' gender option

OTTAWA—Starting Aug. 31, transgender Canadians can indicate on their passports that they don't identify as either male or female.

It's the latest step in the federal government's plan to eventually allow individuals to identify their sex as “x"—that is, unspecified—on passports and other government-issued documents that typically allow people to tick only "m" or "f.”

Bride, groom arrested in bar brawl

EDMONTON—A bride and groom spent their first night of wedded bliss in jail when Edmonton police arrested them after a post-wedding brawl in a downtown bar.

It's unclear how it all started, but photos and videos posted on social media show the fight on the weekend spilling out of the Denizen Hall bar and onto the street.

Witnesses say the bride was right in the middle of it.