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Tory transition to power underway

TORONTO—From choosing cabinet members and hiring political aides to picking office space and conducting background checks on legislators, Ontario's newly-elected Progressive Conservatives must tackle a lengthy to-do list as they prepare to take power for the first time in 15 years—and observers say their decisions could set the tone for the rest of their term.

Ottawa to overhaul help for homelessness

OTTAWA—A cornerstone federal strategy to combat homelessness is set to receive a makeover this week that's expected to focus on outcomes rather than how quickly cities are spending.

The Homelessness Partnering Strategy is the key vehicle through which federal money flows to cities for funding local efforts to help people get off the streets and into homes.

A look at some prominent Tories who will likely join Doug Ford’s cabinet

TORONTO — Throughout the 2018 provincial election campaign Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford touted his candidates as talented and capable of delivering on his promises. Ford, whose party won a majority Thursday night, has said he would have no trouble choosing a cabinet from the “124 all-stars” on his team.

DNA privacy questioned as police nab suspects by searching family trees

VICTORIA — As the years stretched into decades with no arrests after his sister’s body was found in Washington state, it was becoming hard for John Van Cuylenborg of Victoria, B.C., to maintain hope for any justice or answers.

Then he received a phone call about investigators getting a break in the cold case.