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Trudeau thrown curveball on tour

SASKATOON—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has continued his town hall tour of Canada with a rather friendly and low-key public meeting in Saskatoon.

Trudeau was greeted with a standing ovation last night before taking questions that gave him an opportunity to explain his government's position on a series of topics, including the carbon tax and indigenous issues.

Heroin helps to keep clients 'normal' at unique program

VANCOUVER—The smell of rubbing alcohol permeates a tiny room where chronic heroin users inject a pharmaceutical-grade version of the drug three times a day to just feel normal.

Justin Hall, 48, exits the freshly-cleaned injection room at the Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside after his second visit of the day.

Many Canadians often confused by CPP rules

OTTAWA—Internal evaluations of the Canada Pension Plan show the retirement system is poorly understood by most of the public—a problem retiree Evan Brett avoided only through luck and meticulous record-keeping.

The 76-year-old realtor and his wife, Latifah, dove into their files at their Langley, B.C. home a decade ago when Latifah applied for retirement benefits.

DNA testing focus of retrial for Grant

WINNIPEG—Prosecutors have begun laying out their DNA evidence at the retrial of a man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl back in 1984.

Mark Edward Grant has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Candace Derksen, who vanished while walking home from school.

Grant was arrested decades after the girl's body was found frozen and tied up in a shed.