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Plans to explore Franklin wrecks unveiled

OTTAWA—Canadian archeologists are on their way to a remote area in the Arctic Circle for another chance to dig up the secrets held by the Franklin expedition wrecks, Parks Canada announced Friday.

The task of exploring and excavating the two shipwrecks is the “largest, most complex underwater archeological undertaking in Canadian history,” Parks Canada said in a release.

Captive breeding for endangered species growing

LANGLEY, B.C.—The turtle in my hand dangles its churning feet as I set it down. It touches its first dirt and immediately, unerringly, points toward shore and races as fast as a turtle can to the water.

This turtle—a western painted turtle—has never been here before. It's never been anywhere other than in an aquarium or a plastic tub full of others.

Ontario to regulate autism therapists

TORONTO—Ontario plans to regulate the clinicians who provide applied behaviour analysis, a form of therapy often used to support people with autism, Social Services Minister Todd Smith said Tuesday.

Smith said the government was acting on “clear direction” from experts and the families of autistic children, and would be launching consultations on the issue in the fall.