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AG says court modernization needed

TORONTO—Shortly after Caroline Mulroney took the reins as Ontario's attorney general, she spoke to a judge about the often stymied process of modernizing the court system.

“I said, 'I heard you're still working with fax machines,' and the judge said, 'Oh please don't take away our fax machines, we worked really hard to get them,'” Mulroney said in a recent interview.

Newly released documents detail EPA’s concerns over PolyMet

MINNEAPOLIS — Documents that the federal Environmental Protection Agency tried to keep confidential show that its staffers criticized how Minnesota regulators drafted a key permit for the planned PolyMet copper-nickel mine, and concluded that the permit would violate federal law because it lacked pollution limits based on the state’s water quality standards.

Pikangikum evacuee killed after hit by car

COCHRANE, Ont.—Officials say a 16-year-old girl who had been evacuated from a remote First Nation in northern Ontario was hit by a car and killed yesterday.

The chief of Pikangikum First Nation says Kelsey Strang was one of more than 2,000 community members forced from their homes by a nearby forest fire.

Chief Amanda Sainnawap says Strang had been evacuated to Cochrane, Ont.