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Quebec woman aims to climb Mount Logan solo

MONTREAL—A Montreal mountaineer will try to become the first solo woman to climb Canada's highest mountain in a trek that begins next month.

Should Monique Richard reach the summit of Yukon's Mount Logan, she will be the first female to reach the top by herself, according to officials with Parks Canada and data it has compiled since the late 1800s.

NDP unveil platform for June election

TORONTO—Ontario's New Democrats are promising free child-care for families earning less than $40,000 and a boost to hospital budgets if elected this spring, but say they would run multi-year deficits to pay for their plan.

The promises are part of the party's election platform, called “Change for the Better,” released yesterday—a month-and-a-half ahead of the June vote.

Ottawa to open door to disabled immigrants

OTTAWA—After four decades, the federal government is getting rid of rules that turned away would-be immigrants with intellectual or physical disabilities, Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen said yesterday.

The government no longer will be allowed to reject permanent resident applications from those with serious health conditions or disabilities.