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Smoke flavour hides in wine grapes

VANCOUVER—Smoky overtones can ruin a nice bottle of wine, but researchers in British Columbia are finding that preventing grapes from capturing the flavour of wildfires can be difficult.

Wine grapes absorb smoke compounds, surrounding them with sugar, explained Wesley Zandberg, an assistant chemistry professor at the University of British Columbia in Okanagan.

Winds of change blow even for black holes: study

EDMONTON—The winds of change blow—even around a black hole.

New Canadian-led research has peered into the strange world of black holes to discover they're girded by electromagnetic winds that not only influence how the super-dense interstellar bodies gobble up anything that gets too close, but also how they affect vast areas of space around them.

'Super' war of words started

PHILADELPHIA—The war has begun in Philadelphia and Boston, where the Super Bowl-bound rivals lightheartedly are refusing to sell items from each other's cities in a sort of “cheesesteak ban heard 'round the world.”

In Boston, one park has banned the sale of cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, and the wearing of any Philadelphia sports paraphernalia.