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Ford being sued by family

TORONTO—Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford is denying allegations he mishandled the estate of his late brother Rob Ford, causing financial harm to the late mayor's widow and two children.

The allegations, which have not been proven in court, were contained in a lawsuit filed by Renata Ford and her two children in Ontario Superior Court.

Most marijuana users will go legal: survey

OTTAWA—Canadians who currently use cannabis expect to buy nearly two-thirds of their pot from legal retailers once recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada, a new survey suggests.

Moreover, respondents to the survey say they expect to buy cannabis more often and are prepared to pay more for the legal product, generating up to $4.34 billion in total sales next year.

Civics class gives primer on electoral system

TORONTO—Dasha Metropolitansky is politically-minded and old enough to vote but days away from Ontario's election, the Toronto high school student hasn't checked if she's registered to cast a ballot—and she doesn't know how to.

It's the kind of thing the 18-year-old, who is the president of the Ontario Student Trustee Association, said she wishes she had been taught in civics class.

One dead in tour bus crash

PRESCOTT, Ont.—Provincial police say one of the people injured in a tour bus crash in eastern Ontario yesterday has died.

They said the victim was a 54-year-old Chinese man.

Officers said a bus carrying 37 people—the driver, a tour guide, and 35 Chinese tourists—drove off Highway 401 between Brockville and Prescott and hit a rock cut at the side of the road.

BQ leader steps down

MONTREAL—Martine Ouellet is stepping down as head of the Bloc Quebecois after a resounding defeat in a weekend leadership vote.

Ouellet took potshots at several of her detractors this morning as she announced her decision to retire, effective June 11.

Bloc rank and file gave Ouellet just 32 percent support in the leadership vote.

Wynne campaigns hard even after predicting defeat

TORONTO—Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne switched gears yesterday, from pushing for her party to be re-elected to instead using the last few days of the election campaign to try to save what Liberal seats she can.

Wynne admitted Saturday that her party won't form government after Thursday's election but pleaded with voters to at least elect some Liberals.