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Group slams federal shipbuilding strategy

OTTAWA—The Shipbuilding Association of Canada is hoping the Liberal government will change course when it comes to the renewal of the country’s navy and civilian fleets.

The industry group said yesterday the current strategy—laid out in the former Harper government’s national shipbuilding program—is not working and has led to “unaffordable and untenable” renewal programs.

Missing, murdered women toll ‘way bigger’: Bennett

OTTAWA—The number of missing and murdered indigenous women across the country is “way bigger” than 1,200, Indigenous Affairs minister Carolyn Bennett said yesterday.

Her comments came as the government marked the end of a consultation process with the families of victims as it prepares to establish a public inquiry into these losses.

Another foot washes up

VICTORIA—An investigation by B.C.’s corner into the latest incident of a running shoe with a human foot washing ashore now is focused on a specific period of time.

The coroner says in a news release that the runner first was sold in North America three years ago, indicating the person died between March, 2013 and December, 2015.