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Grocery stores OK’d to sell beer

TORONTO—Ontarians may be able to buy beer at 60 grocery stores—from multinational big box stores to small, independent grocerS—across the province by the end of the year.

The Liberal government announced 13 grocery stores and chains that were chosen to sell beer in the first round of grocery beer sales that ultimately will be expanded to up to 450 outlets.

Store crashed by truck

EDMONTON—A man faces attempted murder charges after witnesses say a truck deliberately was crashed into an Edmonton gas station store when the driver was told he had to pre-pay for fuel.

Police say a Ford F-150 smashed through the front window of the Petro-Canada on Wednesday and struck two employees, pinning both under the truck.

Genetically-modified salmon gets approval

WASHINGTON—What’s for dinner?

Before long, it may well be genetically-modified salmon—the first such altered animal cleared for human consumption in the United States.

Critics call it “frankenfish,” but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted its approval yesterday, saying the faster-growing salmon is safe to eat.

It could be available in a couple of years.