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University's goose cooked by bird cull

WINNIPEG—The University of Manitoba is pondering its next move after students' feathers got ruffled over a decision to smash the eggs of nesting Canada geese on campus to control their population.

The U of M got a federal permit and hired a contractor to destroy the nests and get rid of the eggs after getting complaints about rising numbers of the migratory waterfowl.

Pardon fee a 'significant' barrier

OTTAWA—The $631 fee to apply for a criminal pardon poses a substantial hurdle for people trying to turn their lives around, said a large majority of those who responded to a federal consultation.

Eighty percent indicated the fee is a significant barrier while 16 percent considered it a modest barrier, says a newly-released briefing note about the consultation results.

Sask. woman charged with human smuggling

REGINA—A Saskatchewan woman has been charged with human smuggling after RCMP intercepted a vehicle carrying nine refugee claimants who authorities believe crossed the border from the United States.

Mounties say a woman was stopped last Friday on the Canadian side of the border between the North Portal and Northgate crossings—the legal entry points into Saskatchewan from North Dakota.

Centre cures porcupine's snoring

CALGARY—A Calgary wildlife centre has cured a porcupine with a snoring problem.

The Kyne family has shared their backyard with the rodent they named “Billy Jo” for the past several years.

They recorded video of him sleeping and when staff at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society watched it, they realized the porcupine's problem was more than a sleep disorder.

Don't 'bomb' this exam

TORONTO—Some Ontario university students are set for a stressful final examination: disarming fake bombs with robots they've designed.

Ryerson University said computer science students were scheduled to navigate robots through a simulated crime scene this afternoon as they try to disable mock improvised explosive devices, draw maps, and describe the area.