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Montreal in flap over flag

MONTREAL—There's a flap in Montreal over the Quebec flag.

Two Montrealers are accusing the city of violating rules set out in provincial legislation that state the Fleur-de-lis should have “precedence over any other flag or emblem” and be displayed in certain designated places.

A lawyer for the two men said legal action could ensue if Montreal fails to act

Election down to choice between Tories or NDP

TORONTO—Ontario goes to the polls today in an election that could see a seismic political shift if Doug Ford's Tories beat out the NDP, their closest rival, and win a majority government, as the latest polls suggest.

Either way, the vote will bring an end to 15 years of Liberal government—as Premier Kathleen Wynne herself admitted last week in a stunning announcement.

Evolutionary 'secret sauce' found

Research suggests hares and jackrabbits hopping along in the Rocky Mountains demonstrate the “secret sauce” for how animals can adapt to a new climate.

Scott Mills, lead author of a paper published recently in “Science,” says lessons from mixed populations of brown and white bunnies can be applied widely to help species adjust as the environment changes around them.