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Mammoth tusk found

SASKATOON—A woolly mammoth tusk believed to be between 12,000 and 15,000 years old has been discovered at a gravel pit east of Saskatoon.

Tim Tokaryk of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum said the fossil was found by Inland Aggregates at its work site last fall.

Tokaryk said the tusk will help expand knowledge of where woolly mammoths once roamed.

Food fight hurts pair

COLUMBIA, S.C.—Authorities say a husband-and-wife’s fight over a chicken dinner landed them both in the hospital.

Richland County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Curtis Wilson said the wife wanted to get chicken at Church’s and the couple got into an argument that ended with the husband knocking her out with a punch Tuesday night.

Liberals want Tory appointees grilled

OTTAWA—The federal Liberal government says a “significant number” of Conservative appointees have offered to step down after being asked to quit while others will be called before parliamentary committees to explain their credentials.

But the Prime Minister’s Office is refusing to provide even a numerical breakdown, citing privacy concerns for the individuals involved.

Hydro bills set to rise

TORONTO—A series of regulatory and fee changes are set to take effect in Ontario on Jan. 1, including increases in electricity bills and a break for natural gas users.

The debt retirement charge of about $70 a year is being eliminated from hydro bills, but so is a 10 percent discount program that saved the average residential consumer about $200 a year.