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Air France flight diverted

PARIS—An Air France flight from San Francisco to Paris was diverted to Montreal after an unspecified anonymous threat, with the passengers disembarking safely before authorities declared it a false alarm.

At least 15 fire trucks and police cars met Flight 83 at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport late yesterday, where authorities verified the aircraft, passengers, and baggage.

Changing Arctic in spotlight

Top Arctic scientists will gather in Vancouver this week to discuss everything from caribou populations to the high cost of food.

But underlying it all is the unsettling speed with which the northern climate is changing.

“It’s a real challenge,” said Ross Brown, an Environment Canada researcher who is to speak this week at the “ArcticNet” conference.

Veteran nominees fall short

NASHVILLE—For the second-straight year, a baseball veterans committee failed to elect to the Hall of Fame any of the 10 candidates up for consideration.

The Pre-Integration Era Committee weighed the merits of six players, three executives, and one of the game’s pioneers—all of whom made their mark before Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier in 1947.

‘Ugliest Girls’ poll probed

ST. JOHN’S, N.L.—A school board in Newfoundland and police now are investigating a case of cyberbullying involving an anonymous poll ranking girls at a high school based on their looks.

Lynelle Cantwell, a student at Holy Trinity High School in Torbay, is getting national attention for her response to the creators of the online poll, called “Ugliest Girls in Grade 12.”