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Angus closer to bid

OTTAWA—Veteran Ontario NDP MP Charlie Angus said yesterday he has moved into the second phase of his possible campaign to lead his party.

Angus, who launched a new website, said he is trying to build a national team of volunteers and collect donations after spending weeks reaching out to family, colleagues, constituents, and supporters.

Jane Fonda says people should not be fooled by Trudeau

TORONTO — Actress Jane Fonda said Wednesday that people should not be fooled by “good-looking liberals” like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who “disappointed” her by approving pipelines from the Alberta oil sands.

Fonda said after touring the oil sands area that environmentalists everywhere were impressed by Trudeau at the Paris climate conference in late 2015.

U.S. refugee claims rise five-fold here

WASHINGTON—The number of Americans seeking refugee status in Canada has experienced a significant bump this year, increasing more than five times in November from the same period a year earlier.

The overall numbers, however, remain tiny.

Few people seek to flee the world’s largest economy—and one of its oldest democracies—on humanitarian grounds.

Ottawa moves to ban asbestos

OTTAWA—After years in which thousands of Canadians were diagnosed annually with deadly, asbestos-related cancers, the federal government finally is moving to ban all products containing asbestos by 2018.

Today’s announcement by four Liberal cabinet ministers includes the manufacture, use, import, and export of asbestos in common items such as building materials and brake pads.