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Shakespeare’s skull missing from grave

LONDON—Archeologists who scanned the grave of William Shakespeare say they have made a startling discovery: His skull appears to be missing.

The researchers used ground-penetrating radar to explore beneath the playwright’s tomb in Stratford-upon-Avon’s Holy Trinity Church. Kevin Colls, who led the study, said the team found “an odd disturbance at the head end.”

Wynne says $100,000 a lot of money to earn

TORONTO—Premier Kathleen Wynne says the Liberal government has no plans to raise the $100,000 threshold for Ontario’s so-called sunshine list of public sector workers.

The list comes out later today, and will provide salaries and benefits for tens of thousands of workers, including police, firefighters, nurses, teachers, librarians and civil servants.

Ontario bans random street checks by police

TORONTO—Ontario has released its final regulations to ban police from randomly stopping people to collect personal information, a practice known as carding or street checks.

The regulations, which were first posted last October for public comment, set out what the government calls “clear and consistent rules” for voluntary police-public interactions.

Ford succumbs to cancer

TORONTO—Rob Ford, the pugnacious, populist former mayor of Toronto whose career crashed in a drug-driven, obscenity-laced debacle, died today after fighting cancer, his family says.

He was 46.

Ford rode into office on a backlash against urban elites. He cast an image sharply at odds with Canada’s reputation for sedate, unpretentious politics.