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Huge fire ‘being held’

FORT McMURRAY, Alta.—The huge wildfire known as “The Beast,” which tore through parts of Fort McMurray and northeastern Alberta, is classified as “being held” for the first time since it became out of control in early May.

Wildfire information officer Lynn Daina said the designation means the fire no longer is growing but is not yet under control.

LCBO sees record sales

TORONTO—Ontarians drank billions of dollars of booze last year, with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario reporting record sales of $5.57 billion.

The LCBO said it marks the 21st-straight year of record sales, and that a $1.9-billion dividend was transferred to the Ontario government.

Feds reject motion to decriminalize pot

OTTAWA—Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith had a constituent come to his office last week seeking help for a problem he believes no longer should exist.

Erskine-Smith, who represents the Toronto riding of Beaches-East York, said the man had been charged with simple possession of seven grams of pot—something the Liberals have promised to legalize within the next couple of years.