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Police seek dog-napper

BURNABY, B.C.—Police in Burnaby, B.C. are searching for a dog-napper after a toy poodle was taken from a parking lot.

RCMP said they were called to Lougheed Mall on Saturday evening for a report of a stolen dog.

The Mounties noted four-year-old “Coco” was snatched from a shopping cart while the dog’s owner was putting groceries in her vehicle.

Canada Post, union back at table

OTTAWA—There were signs of progress yesterday in a contract dispute between Canada Post and the union representing 50,000 of its workers as talks resumed and the post office withdrew a threat to lock out its workers.

Canada Post issued a brief statement that said it had withdrawn its lockout notice “which will allow both parties to focus their efforts on serious negotiations.”

Eagle rescued

VERNON, B.C.—A bald eagle is recovering in B.C.’s North Okanagan region after four firefighters stepped up to save it.

The bird was spotted in distress earlier this week around Killiney Beach, on the west side of Okanagan Lake, south of Vernon.

Fate of B.C.’s ancient forests being debated

SAANICH, B.C.—The Douglas fir Andy MacKinnon leans against is 40 metres tall.

It’s likely more than 500 years old and its fire-scarred trunk is almost two metres in diameter.

In most other countries, the tree would be the largest in the land, noted MacKinnon, a forest ecologist who spent three decades with British Columbia’s government researching old-growth forests.

Pet pig pardoned

MOSS POINT, Miss.—A mayor in a Mississippi city has decided not to banish a pet pig while its owner is on military duty in Iraq.

The Sun Herald reported that Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield has saved the bacon, so to speak, of Patrick the pig.

Patrick’s owner, Otis Lundy, will be deployed with the Air Force until this fall, and a friend is taking care of his pets.