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Guns galore seized

COUTTS, Alta.—The Canada Border Services Agency says it recently seized 11 undeclared guns in less than a day from three American vehicles entering the country at the Coutts crossing in Alberta.

The seizures last Friday and Saturday came just days after the federal agency launched a campaign to remind American travellers about the need to declare all firearms at the Canadian border.

Bear spray mishap gives police eyeful

PENTICTON, B.C.—Mounties in Penticton, B.C. say they got quite an eyeful last week after a man peeled off his clothes and began washing himself with milk after inadvertently spraying bear spray down his pants.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Don Wrigglesworth said officers were called to a local gas station shortly before 2 a.m. on Aug. 24 to find the victim completely naked.

Missing women’s inquiry aims for real action: head

VANCOUVER—When Marion Buller looks back on the Saskatchewan First Nation territory where she spent her summers growing up, some of her childhood friends no longer arw there.

They are aboriginal women who went missing or were murdered—part of a tragic phenomenon in Canada that Buller now is tasked with examining as head of a national inquiry.

Passengers help subdue unruly man

EDMONTON—A customer on a WestJet flight from Toronto to Edmonton says there were some tense moments as he and others helped the crew subdue an unruly passenger.

Steven Kelley said he was sitting four rows back from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 when a man wearing a backpack twice walked from the back of the plane to the front during the last half of the four-hour flight.