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Fire threatens communities

INGOLF, Ont.—A small wildfire is burning in a forest near the boundary between Ontario and Manitoba.

The OPP said around 100 people are being evacuated from the community of Ingolf because of the fire.

The evacuation is voluntary, and residents in the Florence and Marion Lakes areas also are being asked to consider leaving the area until the threat has passed.

Duck leads ducklings through school’s halls

HARTLAND, Mich.—A mother duck has grown attached to a Michigan elementary school’s courtyard.

She returns each year to lay her eggs and then walks the hallways with her ducklings, with the help of students and staff, to safely get to a nearby pond.

The duck named “Vanessa” has appeared at Village Elementary School in Hartland for the past 13 years.

‘Diefenbaby’ passes away

TORONTO—George John Dryden, who spent years of his life trying to prove conclusively he was the love child of former Canadian prime minister John George Diefenbaker, died yesterday, a longtime friend said.

Dryden, 47, who had terminal pancreatic disease, suffered fatal injuries in a suicide attempt, Merry-Ellen Unan said.

He blamed decades of alcohol abuse for the illness.