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Harper to skip convention

OTTAWA—Former Conservative party leader and prime minister Stephen Harper is not expected at this month's leadership convention, party officials said yesterday.

Party members will converge in Toronto on May 27 to choose his official replacement.

But while interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose is scheduled to speak, the party says Harper is not.

Flag-raising causes stir

OTTAWA—A flag honouring an anti-abortion movement caused a stir in the country's capital after it was raised at Ottawa City Hall.

The city proclaimed yesterday “March for Life Day,” a declaration that has been made in past years, but city councillors said the anti-abortion movement's flag was flown at city hall as part of that proclamation for the first time.

Museum identifies new dinosaur species

TORONTO—Scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto say they've identified a new species of armoured dinosaur and named it after a monster from the 1984 movie “Ghostbusters.”

The museum said it acquired the skeleton of Zuul crurivastator last year, and calls it one of the most complete and best-preserved skeletons of this group of dinosaurs ever found.