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'Beer insiders' fuelling criticism: Fedeli

TORONTO—Beer “insiders” are fuelling online mockery of a social media blitz promoting the government's bid to expand alcohol availability to corner stores, Ontario's finance minister said yesterday.

Vic Fedeli said the brewers who own The Beer Store are fighting to hang onto a near monopoly afforded them under a 10-year agreement with the previous Liberal government.

Afghan memorial opens tomorrow

OTTAWA—The Department of National Defence says its memorial for those killed in Canada's mission in Afghanistan will open to the public tomorrow afternoon.

People who aren't military members, veterans or their families will have to register for visits in advance but will be guided to the memorial in the department's new headquarters in western Ottawa when they arrive.

D-Day joy, hell for civilians told anew with virtual reality

CAEN, France — The emotion of being liberated from Nazi occupation was so sweet and intense that the French refugees burst into song, a spontaneous rendition of “La Marseillaise” that echoed around the underground network of dank, dark tunnels where they had been sheltering for weeks since D-Day, amid filth, fleas and the rumble of bombs.