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Rare duck drawing crowds

BURNABY, B.C.—A rare duck native to East Asia is making a splash in a lake east of Vancouver and experts believe he is an escaped pet.

The Mandarin duck, with his vibrant golden, green, and blue plumage, is attracting visitors to Burnaby Lake and first was seen in May, says Irene Lau, chair of the Burnaby Lake Park Association.

A similar fowl in New York has drawn crowds, too.

Liberals promising more money to fight poverty

OTTAWA—The federal Liberals are promising more money to more cities through their cornerstone homelessness strategy—pledging $1.25 billion over the next nine years to cities looking to tackle poverty.

Social Development minister Jean-Yves Duclos also said yesterday that there will be dedicated funding for the territories of $43 million over the same period.

Planes crash in mid-air

OTTAWA—Paramedics say one person is dead after two small planes crashed mid-air in Ottawa yesterday morning.

Ottawa police said the collision occurred over the west end of the city just after 10 a.m.

Staff Sgt. Jamie Harper said one plane then crashed into a field while the other managed to land at the Ottawa International Airport.