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Social media fuelling online distrust: survey

OTTAWA—A new global survey suggests distrust of the internet is being fuelled by growing skepticism of social-media services like Facebook and Twitter.

One in four people who took part in the survey said they didn't trust the internet, a view increasingly being driven by lack of confidence in social media, governments and search engines.

Burlington falls prey to $503K phishing scam

BURLINGTON, Ont.—City officials in Burlington, Ont., say the municipality fell prey to a phishing scam that ended up costing more than half a million dollars.

They say a staff member made a single transaction to a “falsified bank account” after receiving an email requesting to change banking information for someone the city was already doing business with.

Campuses evacuated

Toronto police say some post-secondary campuses in the city have been evacuated due to bomb threats.

Police say “numerous” threats were made but did not say which institutions were targeted or how many were evacuated.

Ryerson University tweeted that its Chang School was closed today for a police investigation and directed community members to the Podium building.