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Province slashes funding for student programs

TORONTO—The Ontario government is slashing millions of dollars in funding for programs that are aimed at providing students with extra skills and support, leaving school boards to figure out how students will be affected.

A spokeswoman for Education minister Lisa Thompson said $25 million was slashed from the budget after the government reviewed the “Education Programs—Other” fund.

New appointments fill every Senate seat

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed four new senators including a failed Liberal candidate, filling every seat in the upper chamber.

The Senate has a full complement of 105 senators—the first time there hasn't been a vacancy in about eight years.

Trudeau has appointed 49 senators since becoming prime minister and will have the chance to appoint more in 2019.

Feds set new limits on pilot flight times

OTTAWA—The federal government is enacting strict new measures to address mounting concerns about tired flight crews on commercial planes—big and small.

New regulations will set lower limits for the number of hours pilots can be in the air and on the job before having to take a break, taking into account the times of day they fly and how often they take off and land.

'Systemic racism' rife in Thunder Bay police

Police investigations into the deaths of nine indigenous people in Thunder Bay, Ont. were so problematic—in part because of systemic racism—that they should be reinvestigated, an independent review released yesterday recommends.

The recommendation by Ontario's police watchdog is one of 44 in a report that concludes the city's police service is rife with racist attitudes.