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Pine beetles exploding from Jasper

EDMONTON—A massive and uncontrollable build-up of mountain pine beetles in Jasper National Park is starting to explode into commercially-valuable forests along its boundaries.

Foresters along the park's edge have seen a tenfold increase in beetle infestation in just months, and some scientists wonder if Parks Canada could have done more to control the invasion a few years ago.

Feds to boost opioid treatment options

CALGARY—Ottawa is planning to boost treatment options for opioid drug users as it tries to deal with what Health minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor is calling a national public health crisis.

Petitpas Taylor yesterday outlined some of the steps the federal government aims to take at a conference of the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction.

Alberta bill bolsters gay-straight alliances

EDMONTON—Two weeks of stormy debate over sex, education, and the rights of students and parents were capped off yesterday when Alberta passed a bill that strengthens rules on gay-straight alliances in schools.

“It's about protecting some of the most vulnerable kids in our province,” Education minister David Eggen told the house prior to the vote on third and final reading of Bill 24.

Drunken intruder found

SIMCOE, Ont.—Police are reminding people to be vigilant about locking their doors after a homeowner in Simcoe, Ont. came home to discover a drunken stranger.

The OPP said they were called by an alarmed homeowner just before 11 p.m. on Tuesday after arriving home and discovering the inebriated visitor fast asleep on the bathroom floor.