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OK to give homeless men bus tickets


REGINA—A report says giving two homeless men in Saskatchewan one-way bus tickets to British Columbia was within Social Services policy but the situation could have been better handled.

The two men went together to an income assistance service centre in North Battleford in March to request the tickets.

The men aren’t named in the report, but Charles Neil-Curly and Jeremy Roy made news when it was reported that they had been living at a homeless shelter and were sent out of Saskatchewan.

The report says providing transportation aid is within policy and notes that Alberta and Manitoba have similar rules.

But the report also says aid workers should have looked at the men’s cases on an individual basis, rather than at the same time, to make sure the plan was the right option for each of them.

It says Saskatchewan should have contacted B.C. officials before the men were on the bus and given the men more information for options upon arrival.

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