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Anti-carbon tax ad unveiled


TORONTO—Ontario's Progressive Conservative government released a new ad against the federal carbon tax yesterday that the opposition decried as publicly funded partisan advertising—something the Tories railed against before they were in power.

The ad features a female narrator saying the tax will see people pay more to heat their home, drive their kids to school and buy food, with the sound of clinking coins between each item listed.

“This will result in the average family paying $648 a year by 2022,” the ad says, to the sound of more clinking coins.

“Ontario has a better way, holding the biggest polluters accountable, reducing trash and keeping our lakes clean. A carbon tax isn't the only way to fight climate change,” it continues.

The ad doesn't mention rebates promised by the federal government to the tune of $307 this year for a family of four.

The ad's been criticized as partisan because it doesn't have all the facts, it criticizes another government and it aims to put this government in a more positive light.

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