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Windstorm kills herons

VERNON, B.C.—More than two dozen great blue heron chicks and one adult bird are dead after their nesting site in Vernon, B.C. was heavily-damaged in a windstorm.

Vernon-based wildlife expert Pete Wise said he walked through the heron nesting colony in a protected grove of cottonwood trees yesterday and discovered several trees had been toppled by the storm earlier in the week.

Man who lost home wins condo

EDMONTON—Another Albertan who lost a home in Fort McMurray has had a change of luck, winning a luxury condo and an Italian sports car in an Edmonton hospital fundraising lottery.

Michael Marchand was shopping for flowers when a representative from the Full House Lottery phoned on Wednesday to tell him he had won the early-bird draw.

Gire guts recycling plant

TORONTO—Firefighters spent the night battling a large and stubborn six-alarm blaze at a recycling facility near the city's waterfront.

Fire Chief Matthew Pegg said the blaze began just before 1 a.m. on Cherry Street and “escalated through the alarm levels very quickly.”

There were no reported injuries among workers who were in the facility owned by GFL Environmental Inc.