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FDA reconsiders added sugar label for maple syrup, honey

MONTPELIER, Vt. — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reconsidering its plan to require that pure maple syrup and honey be labeled as containing added sugars.

Maple syrup producers had rallied against the plan, saying the nutrition labels updates were misleading, illogical and confusing and could hurt their industries.

Dangling wedding for pair

BERLIN—A couple in eastern Germany have gotten married in a swing dangling from a motorcycle atop a tightrope, 14 metres above the ground.

The German news agency dpa reported a pastor standing in a cage atop a fire service ladder presided over the wedding of Nicole Backhaus and Jens Knorr in the town of Stassfurt on Saturday.

Fiber optics? Range of ingredients bulk up food fiber counts

NEW YORK — Are the fiber counts for foods getting bloated?

Browse supermarket shelves, and it’s easy to find ice cream, yogurt and brownies with impressive fiber totals. That’s because companies add ingredients to boost the fiber, a practice they say helps people enjoy treats with less guilt but that critics say distorts ideas about what’s healthy.