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Functional training tops 2016 fitness trends list

TORONTO For a second year in a row, Canadian fitness experts are touting functional fitness and high-intensity interval training as top workout trends.

Functional fitness, which was second in Canfitpro’s annual trends survey last year and No. 1 this year, involves exercises that work multiple muscle groups and mimic activities like shoveling snow or carrying groceries.

Senegal to phase out its car rapides, colorful transport

DAKAR, Senegal Bill Amahdou dips his brush into a tin of white paint sitting on the sandy road, and effortlessly outlines a Senegalese flag on a truck’s back flap. He then paints an eye within an orange heart next to the flag. Disparate images blending together in bright harmony on vehicles that are symbolic of Senegal: car rapides, or fast buses.

US twin birth rate hits a new high, while multiple births diminish

NEW YORK The twin birth rate hit at an all-time high last year in the United States while the rate for triplets, quadruplets, and higher was the lowest in two decades.

Of the nearly 4 million babies born last year, more than 135,000 were twins. That is about 1 in every 29 babies. In 1980, only 1 in every 53 babies was a twin.

In Israel, Arab chefs carve out a distinct cuisine as they break out of Israeli shadow

HAIFA, Israel Palestinian chef Johnny Goric has cooked for President Barack Obama and served as a judge on the Palestinian version of Masterchef, a reality TV cooking show. In July, he put out his first cookbook ‚Äî but rather than publish in his native Arabic or in English, Goric’s debut recipes are in Hebrew.

Expected hot toy trends: robotic pets, anything “Star Wars”

NEW YORK Which toys will warm the hearts of parents and kids for the holiday 2015 shopping season?

Holiday toys hit the shelves in recent weeks. And so far, just as in the past few years, there’s no single hot toy emerging. But anything “Star Wars,” life-like robotic pets and remote controlled toys should drive sales.