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Bread made of insects to be sold in Finnish supermarkets

COPENHAGEN — One of Finland’s largest food companies is selling what it claims to be a first: insect bread.

Markus Hellstrom, head of the Fazer group’s bakery division, said Thursday that one loaf contains about 70 dried house crickets, ground into powder and added to the flour. The crickets represent 3 per cent of the bread’s weight, Hellstrom said.

Trained hawks scare off smaller birds, draw stares in LA

LOS ANGELES — A hawk named Riley soars between high-rises in downtown Los Angeles. Smaller birds take notice. And take flight.

Riley lands on a branch, surveys the concrete jungle below and swoops down to land on the gloved hand of her owner.

Blazer-clad professionals on their way to lunch do double-takes.

Personalized maps offer the gift of place

If you’ve got avid travellers on your gift list this year, or just armchair ones, consider getting them a custom map. Maps of favourite places might commemorate special trips or experiences, and can appeal to any age or gender.

Map Your Travels, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, has some options. One of its maps shows all the national parks, with pins to chart your visits.

Historic Virginia church to relocate Washington, Lee plaques

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A historic Episcopal church in northern Virginia has decided to relocate two plaques in its sanctuary that honour George Washington and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, who worshipped there.

Leaders of Christ Church in Alexandria sent a letter to congregation members last week explaining the decision, and announcements were made during Sunday services.