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Professor says historic outhouses underappreciated in American Southwest, urges preservation

CORRALES, N.M. At a time when life could be harsh in the American Southwest, outhouses served more than one important role. They provided structure, protected water resources and created important social norms, a New Mexico professor says.

Pope Francis warns US bishops against ‘harsh and divisive’ language, saying new tone needed

Pope Francis told U.S. bishops Wednesday they should avoid “harsh and divisive” language and create a church with the warmth of a “family fire,” as he laid out a vision for American Catholicism far from the defensive stands on social issues that have put church leaders at the centre of America’s culture wars.

Pope praises US bishops for ‘generous commitment’ to clergy abuse victims, angering advocates

NEW YORK Pope Francis praised American bishops Wednesday for their “generous commitment’” to helping victims of clergy sex abuse, drawing an angry rebuke from advocates who said the bishops acted only under the threat of hundreds of lawsuits.

Urban homesteading, earth-wise consumption possible even in apartments: author

TORONTO — Raising quail on a balcony, rabbits in a condo, or eating insects might not be among the habits of the average person in this country.

But Michelle Catherine Nelson believes supporting and growing sustainable food may be the most important contribution to our ecosystem that anyone can make.